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The King’s Speech is a Powerful Movie

January 2, 2011

This afternoon Becky and I went on a date to the Miracle 5 movie theater to see The King’s Speech.  She loves Colin Firth and was looking forward to see this movie since she heard it was coming out.  I thought it looked like an interesting story about a historical figure I knew very little about and wanted to see it too.  Charlotte agreed to watch the kids for a couple of hours and after saying good-bye to them we made our escape to Tallahassee.

The Miracle 5 is the Tallahassee’s artsy theater and reminds me a little of the Salem Tri-Cinema I used to go to when I was little (In size and layout, not subject matter).  Becky was convinced it was going to be packed and I joked with her that the line for tickets would probably extend down the sidewalk.  We bought our tickets, got some snacks and found two decent seats in the theater that was around 15% full.  We were the youngest people in the theatre by 35 years.

As for the movie, it was outstanding.  I knew the background story of how King George VI came to power following his brother’s abdication of the throne.  I did not know that he had a stammer that made it almost impossible for him to speak in public.  The story of how he overcame this impediment with the help of his speech therapist to rally his nation during WWII was powerful.  When the Oscar lists come up I expect The King’s Speech to be nominated for best picture, Colin Firth for best actor and Geoffrey Rush for best supporting actor. This is definitely a movie that is worth the price of admission!

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