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Miss Julia is 8 Months Old

January 3, 2011

Miss Julia turned 8 months old today! She is crawling all around the house and getting into everything around the house.  She loves to play with Mason’s toys and likes to also try to eat things she is not supposed to.  We have caught her in the dog’s dish on a couple of occasions. She also loves their water dish.  She’ll get there before I can scoop her up and splash for a few moments while giggling.  It is adorable.

Jules is also pulling up.  She will pull up in her crib, on the couch or the kitchen chairs.  I was cooking tonight when she came into the kitchen.  She made a beeline for me and then pulled up on my leg while cooing and looking at me with her big blue eyes.

On the food front, Julia Caroline is eating oatmeal and other kinds of baby food.  She loves carrots and sweet potatoes but is not a huge fan of green beans or peas.  We also give her bananas which she likes to mash up with her little fist before eating.  She is also very independent and likes to feed herself better than having someone else do it with a spoon.

Jules also loves playing in her pack and play that Mason recently vacated.  We put her in there so she can play with her toy and keep Mason from stealing them and yelling “mine!” She will play in there for hours by herself. I am amazed at how well she entertains herself and love watching her talk to her baby doll or play with her squishy blocks.  She is such a blessing!

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