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A New Jaguars Jersey

January 5, 2011

I grew up a Patriots fan.  I remember them going to the Super Bowl in 1985 and getting crushed by the Bears.  1990 was an especially painful years as the Pats hiring Rod Rust and went 1-15.  2001 was a great year as New England went on an improbable playoff run in 2001 that culminated in winning their first Super Bowl.   I watched them beat Oakland (16-13) at a bar in Burlington, VT with my buddy Dave Day, Pittsburgh (24-17) with my dad in Salem, NH and the Super Bowl over the Rams (20-17) in a wine filled haze at Tim Lennon’s place in Portsmouth, NH.  I called my dad a little tipsy after the win. Its crazy that I still remember where I watched each of those games.

When I moved to Florida I still followed the Patriots but it became harder to watch them on television.  I was in law school and I was not about to shell out $200 for the NFL Package.  After meeting Becky we started watching the Jacksonville Jaguars together.  They were a compromise team. She was from near Jacksonville and it allowed us to pull for a team together rather than for two who played each other twice a year in the AFC East (Pats and ‘Fins).

In 2004 I bought my first Jaguars jersey at Marshall’s. It was a Mark Brunell jersey and was on sale for $19.99.  It was cheap because he had not been resigned by the Jags in the off-season and instead had gone to the Redskins.  I figured that even though he was gone, it was too good of a deal to pass up.  Plus, I planned to pick up one of a current player when I had a little extra money.

That was 6 years ago.  Since that time Brunell has gone from the ‘Skins to the Saints to the Jets.  While he had moved around the NFL my outdated jersey hung in my closet.  I have worn it when watching the Jags but its was starting to look a little long in the tooth.  Becky mentioned that it was time to get a new one but I did not want to spend the money.

Instead of buying one at the stadium or at a sporting goods store I kept checking eBay.  This past week I found a new one for $30 (regularly $79) and it was waiting for me today when I got home.  It is a home replica Jones-Drew jersey. It is the new style and looks really cool.  I got a very good deal on it and hope I can celebrate a Jaguars Super Bowl victory in it sometime soon! Go Jags!

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