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Eat More Ducks

January 10, 2011

The BCS Championship was tonight between the 12-0 Oregon Ducks and the 13-0 Auburn Tigers.  During the month leading up to the game I purposely avoided ESPN’s hype machine.  As kick off approached the only hope I had was that would be a close game. 

The month off between the end of the season and the BCS Championship game resulted in sloppy play.  Interceptions, missed assignments and blown coverages were the norm.  It was an entertaining is not well played first half. 

As the time ticked by in the 3rd quarter I started to get tired.  The game did not kick off until 8:30 p.m. and for people with grown-up jobs the chances of us making it to the end were slim.  I clicked the television off following Auburn’s goal line stand.  I decided sleep was more important and assumed that in the end the Tigers would lift the crystal ball trophy.   

The call to go to sleep was the right one. The end was exciting with Auburn winning on a last second field goal to win the BCS Championship.  Too bad they won’t face 13-0 TCU next week to determine a true National Champion. 

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