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Miss Julia’s First Bath in the Big Tub

January 18, 2011

Miss Julia loves to take baths.  Since she was born she has liked getting into a tub of warm water filled with bubbles.  We started out using the baby tub with an insert and after a while she graduated to the baby tub without the insert.  Lately she has been kicking all of the water out of her tiny tub which makes getting her 100% clean a challenge.

Last night I decided to let her take a bath in the big tub.  I put a few inches of water in the tub along with some bubbles.  After making sure it was not too hot, and not too cold I lowered her in.  She shot me a big smile and then started splashing around. 

I let her play in the tub for about 10 minutes.  She chased the blue duck, ate the bubbles and scooted all around.  Towards the end she decided that it would be fun to try to stand up in the tub.  I grabbed her and made sure she did not slip.  After bathing her off I plucked her from the tub and covered her up in her fluffy towel.  Miss Julia enjoyed her first big girl bath immensely and it was fun watching her play in the tub.

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