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FSU Pounds BC at the TLC Double C

January 22, 2011

While watching the Seminoles defeat the Hurricanes in a nail biter I posted a thought on Twitter about taking Mason to the game on Saturday night against Boston College.  Ten minutes later I had a private message from a fellow ‘Nole fan telling me his dad had a couple of tickets he would sell to me at a discount.  He the forwarded me his dad’s number.

I called Mr. Price and filled him in on how I had gotten his number.  We arranged a time to meet up and this morning on our way to grocery shop Mason and I swung by his house.  Mr. Price was a very nice man and we chatted about his son, the Seminoles and where I went to church.  He said he did not want any money for the tickets but as I left I put a folded bill on his chair.  Mr. Price tried to hand it back to me, and I told him if he did not want it, he could put it in the plate on Sunday.

Mason and I left for Tallahassee at 5:30 and met Seth and his son Mikey outside the TLCCC around 6:10.  The lady at the door let us is with just the two tickets I had so long as we promised to have Mikey and Mason sit on our laps.

Mikey wanted a pretzel and I bought Mason a coke and popcorn.  Our seats were in Section L in the corner behind the Seminoles bench.  We watched the pregame shoot around as Mason munched on popcorn and took in the atmosphere.  He was enamored with the scoreboard and kept turning around the look at it.

Following introductions the game tipped off.  Mason watched the first half without fidgeting.  In addition to watching the action on the court he played peek-a-boo with 4 girls in the 20s who were sitting behind us.  They said he was adorable.

FSU committed a ridiculous foul against BC as their player threw up a 3 point prayer with 0:01 on the clock.   He sank 3 foul shots and at the end of the first half the Noles were up 29-27.  Mason got down from my lap as time expired and tugged on my finger.  I asked if he wanted to go home.  “Ya! Mamma, sissy!” he replied.  Mikey was also restless and Seth decided to head home too.

I carried Mason back to our car on Park Ave and we drove home to Monticello listening to the game.  Mason was asleep by the time we got home as the Noles pulled away in the second half. FSU ended up winning 67-51.  I had a lot of fun taking Mason to his first ACC basketball game and am looking forward to taking him to many others in the future.

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