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Miss Julia is Feeling Better

January 25, 2011

Poppy Steve picked up Miss Julia’s medicine yesterday morning.  Becky gave her the first does which proved to be no small feat.  Unlike her brother who will take Tylenol, Motrin or whatever else we give him like a baby bird asking for a worm Ms. Julia is a challenge.  She rolls around on her changing table, clenches her teeth and uses her 100 hands of fury to keep the syringe out of her mouth. 

I experienced this first hand this morning.  She tried to roll on her belly and then stuck her tongue out when I squirted the first bit of medicine in her mouth.  Ultimately I sat her up, pried open her little mouth and shot the medicine down her throat.  She was pissed and screamed like I was beating her. 

Despite her great dislike for the antibiotics they are doing their job.  She has had 2 of 10 does and is feeling much better.  Her eyes look better and although she still has a cough she is more active.  Tonight she sat on the floor playing with Mason’s farm set before crawling all around the living room.  I am very happy she is getting back to her old self and grateful for the care she got at CHP.

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  1. charlotte permalink
    January 27, 2011 1:27 pm

    Don’t you just love fighting with a baby over medicine . But I love jules being a fighter I have a tough grandchild that makes my life fun . Now jules can give u a run for money . Lol maybe my next grandchild will be sweet like mason.

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