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Miss Julia is 9 Months Old

February 3, 2011

Miss Julia turned 9 months old today.    She is such a sweet happy baby and has a smile on her face when she wakes up in the morning. Changing her diaper has become a real challenge as she tries to roll all around while I try to fasten it.  She is a wiggle worm and as soon as she is finished getting changed wants on the floor so she can crawl off in search of something to get into.  We really have to keep an eye on her because she is very fast and can get from where she is to where she is not supposed to be in no time.   Lately he favorite thing to do is to sneak into Mason’s room when he is preoccupied to play with his babies and his train table.

Miss Julia is also talking up a storm! She babbles away to herself in her crib, in her car seat on the way to Ms. Cherrie’s in the morning and on the floor as she crawls around.  I have no idea what any of it means and wish I could decode her thoughts.  They must be fairly entertaining because she makes herself laugh and squeak with delight while she playing with her toys.  Her favorite things to play with are her squishy blocks, her baby and some farm people Mason got for his birthday. I love my little girl so much and love watching her grow-up!

Jules is eating a variety of food now and we started giving her some soft table foods like mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes.  She is a big fan of orange and yellow veggies.  She is also sleeping through the night on occasion.  I think it is because she has grown a little more and she is able to fill her belly up for the nights at dinner.  Her crib is all the way to the lowest setting (to keep her from tossing herself out of it) and she looks very cute when she stands up in it and asks to be picked up.

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