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Church, Fried Chicken and the Super Bowl

February 6, 2011

This morning we actually got our act together and made it to church.  It was the first time we had been since Christmas Eve.  However, in our defense the kids have each been sick twice since Christmas and the thought of bring an ill child to church never crossed out mind.  Everyone was very happy to see us and both Mason and Julia behaved wonderfully.  When it came time for the kids to go to Children’s Church Mason happily left with his girls Gracie and Ashleigh.  Miss Julia lasted 3/4 of the way until Becky had to take her out to change her diaper.  Steve also joined us at church and it felt good to finally make it back.

After church instead of going home and trying to fry chicken we all headed to O’Neals in Thomasville.  We sat in the middle room and bumped into some people from church and some others from Monticello.  One who reads my blog, Dana, remarked that I decided to get fried chicken the easy way.  She was correct as picking it up with a pair of tongs fully cooked is much easier than the route Becky and I took the week before.  Mason sat in my lap as we ate and worked on a plate of beans, dressing, green beans and olives.  Miss Julia also got a taste of their good Southern cooking.

For Super Bowl XLV we were supposed to go to our friend’s house up in Cairo, Georgia.  However, around the time the we were going to leave Mason and Julia were not up from their naps.  Since it was the first ones they had taken all weekend we decided to let sleeping babies lie.  Instead, we watched the game at home.  Becky went to bed around halftime and Mason fell asleep before the end in his bed.  The Packers outlasted the Steelers 31-25.  I did not care who won but was happy it was a good game.

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