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Refinishing Our Bedroom Floor for the Third Time in Five Years

February 7, 2011

Shortly after it was completed in April of 2010 the edges of some boards began to curl up and some black patches appeared. With the birth of Miss Julia and the craziness that accompanied her arrival and all the other things that occurred last year the floor issue got pushed to the back of the line of concerns. However, towards the end of 2010 I called Brent and explained what had happened. He came to check things out in November and after looking over his calender selected a date when he would come and repair the floor.

After the several delays, the holidays and a plunge off a 20 foot cliff our floor man arrived in one piece this morning to refinish our master bedroom floor. Becky cleared out most of her things and I stripped the bed and moved the television out before heading into work. He moved the furniture out with a helper and then set to work. He called me during the afternoon and explained the progress he had made.

When I walked in bedroom after work it was sanded and the board he planned to replace were gone. The area was larger than I expected and included all the wood from where Becky’s dresser sits to the area around the abandoned floor vent. I hope that the rest of the process goes smoothly and that the floor will be completed by the end of the week.

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