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Then There Were None

February 9, 2011
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It’s official, everyone in our house has been sick.  Becky started feeling bad yesterday afternoon and by the time I had gotten home she was laying on the couch.  She felt a little warm and had an upset stomach.  I brought her some Pepto but sadly CVS was out of ginger ale.  She slept in Mason’s room and got up a couple of times last night.  I think she took a bath but the details are kind of foggy. 

As a result of her sleeping in Mason’s room and our bedroom floor being refinished Mason and I camped out in the living room.  He fell asleep next to me on the big couch and was snoring as I slipped out of his arms.  I did not want to risk moving him and waking him up so I slept on the little couch.  It was very uncomfortable and by morning I was sore.

Becky stayed home today which was the right thing to do.  Even though she missed a day it was the best thing so she could rest.  She ended up spending the day at her mom’s house while the floor guy finished replacing the boards and sanding.  I think she felt a little better by the end of the day and she ate some dinner. 

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