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Don’t Ask Mason to Share His Chocolates

February 12, 2011

As part of Becky’s Valentine’s Day present I promised to buy her a new dress for our mini-break on Jekyll Island.  We headed towards the Governor’s Square Mall in Tallahassee and it was packed.  Finding a parking space was a challenge but we managed to nab one somewhat near the Dillard’s entrance.  For our excursion Becky pushed Miss Julia in her carriage while I coaxed Mason to walk.  He made it about 1/2 way to the door before he held up his arms and wanted to be picked up.

The kids were amazingly well-behaved as we made our way through the hordes of last-minute Valentine’s shoppers.  Many of these were men and had panicked looks on their faces as they ran from store to store searching for something to keep them out of the dog house.   While Becky looked for something she liked I entertained the kids.  Miss Julia played with her baby and was easy to keep quiet with her bottle.  Mason was a larger challenge and did pretty good until Becky was in the dressing room of one particular store.  He started to ask for momma and wanted to run around.  I dug around the kids’ diaper bag to see if I could find something, anything to keep him entertained.

I pulled out a small box of chocolates that Miss Cherrie had put in their bag for Valentine’s Day.  I asked Mason if he wanted one and he nodded.  He took one foil covered heart-shaped chocolate in each hand and waited for me to unwrap them for him.  As he nibbled on the chocolate one of the sales associates came up and said hello to him.  She was a pretty girl in her mid-20’s and bent down to talk to him.  “Honey, can I have one of your chocolates?” she said with a smile.  Mason looked her straight in the eye and said “No!” He then ran and hid behind my legs to shield his goodies from the girl.  I told him he should share and  asked if I could give her one of the other chocolates that were in the box.  He let out a more emphatic “No!” and hid behind Miss Julia’s carriage.   The girl laughed and walked off to put some clothes on a rack.

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