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Baseball is in the Air

February 17, 2011

This past Monday was a very special day.  It was a time to look back on the year that was, a time to look at what lies ahead, and a time to appreciate the special bond between two people.  Yes, on the 14th while guys all around this great land were plying their significant others with chocolates and cheap red win pitchers and  catchers reported to Spring Training. 

When I lived up in New Hampshire Spring Training represented hope that the darkness and cold of Winter would eventually go away.  Growing up it was also a time of that the upcoming year would be the year when our beloved Sox would go all the way. 

Living down in Florida Spring Training is not a place you watch the equipment truck drive away to.  It’s a time of the year when if you want you can hope in your car and be at a Major League Baseball teams’ training facility in about 4 hours from my house.  I really hope that Mason is a baseball fan.  Someday it would be great to take a few days off, head down south and check out our favorite teams getting ready for the season. 

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