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Recent Visitors to Our Kitchen

February 27, 2011
His name is Earl

We live in an old house and each year as winter turns into spring the lady bugs make their annual visit.  They come in through the spaces in the screen and crawl around the windows, walls and ceiling.  They are pretty little bugs and they add a splash of color as they crawl around. 

A few weeks ago I bought a mint plant from Publix and it has been doing very well in and around the window above our kitchen sink.  This year when the ladybugs arrived they had a place to congregate. They are usually one or two crawling around on its leaves in the morning and several more nearby. 

With the uptick in the number of ladybugs a new visitor arrived last week. A green aole. Becky noticed him sitting on the top lip of the bottom window and he’s been there for over a week.   We named him Earl and he’s been a pretty low key visitor.  Sometimes he’s brown. Sometime’s he’s neon green. Since he eats bugs there’s no harm in letting stay.  I just hope he get enough to eat and drink. 

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