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Now Open: Sweet Tea and Bourbon

March 1, 2011

Its a new month and with it come a changes to this blog.  Specifically, I will no longer be writing restaurant reviews on this site.  The reason is that the focus of this blog was becoming a little blurry. 

 Most of my family and friends read it to see how the kids are doing, not what my thoughts are about a little Thai place in Ft. Walton Beach.  Likewise. people who read my restaurant write-ups probably do not care that Miss Julia is pulling up or that Mason is currently obsessed with Cars. The final and most compelling reason to change things up was that I wanted all of my restaurant post in one place so they could be neatly organized. 

As a result, I started a second blog called Sweet Tea and Bourbon.  I copied all of my prior reviews and moved them to the new site.  In the future that is where I plan to post all my writings about my advenures as a food in North Florida and South Georgia.  If you are curious on my thoughts about restaurants in this area book mark and subscribe to my new blog.  I would appreciate it!

Sweet Tea & Bourbon Tallahassee restaurants

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