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Home with Mason for the Day

March 12, 2011

Mason could not go to Miss Cherrie’s today so I decided to work from home.  After dropping Miss Julia off we made our way into Tallahassee to pick up my computer and some files to work on.  He sat in the back playing with his train and talking. He was doing a lot better than last night. 

While I gathered my things Mary gave Mason a balloon she had in her car.  He thought it was the best thing ever and toted it around the office.  He eventually tired of waiting for me, said “bye-bye!” to Josh and opened the front door.  Meesh was right behind him and plucked him up before he got anywhere.  He held her hand as we made our way to the car and when I buckled him in he said “bite!” 

I drove through Dunkin Donuts and got him a plain old-fashioned cake donut.  He munched on it while we drove back to Monticello.  I was happy that he was eating something and even happier he kept it down.  The rest of the afternoon was spent watching Veggie Tales and working on some things I needed to finish up for work. 

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