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The Plant Bed of Death Part IV

March 12, 2011

Since we moved into our little bungalow we have struggled with the patio.  A brick planter runs along the length of the house facing north.  The bed receives little to no direct sunlight during the day and has been a black hole for plants.  I tried impatients, caladiums and several kinds of herbs.  Each and every one of these plants did not make it out alive.

For the past two months I have kept a mint plant alive in the kitchen window sill that looks over brick plant bed of death.  I purchased it from Publix when I needed only a few sprigs for $2.  Amazingly it has not only lived but thrived despite receiving only a moderate amount of attention from me. 

This weekend I decided to try again.  I removed all of the old pine straw and then planted mint plants every 18″.  I only bought 4 of them so I only made it about 1/2 way down the bed.  Mason helped me out while I decided where to place the mint.  He dug in the dirt with my little shovel and dumped it onto each plant.  It was fun watching him play and reminded me of helping my mom, Aunt Lois and Aunt Rachel in their gardens when I was litte.  

The part of the bed of death that is completed looks a lot nicer and I hope that the mint lives longer than a few weeks.  I think I will make another trip to Lowes tomorrow afternoon so that I can finish the project this weekend. 

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