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Cookie Monster Planting Kit

March 14, 2011

Yesterday at Lowe’s we picked up Mason a little garden bag.  It came with three garden tools, a package of watermelon seeds, some peat pots, and soil.  Ironically, it was decorated with a large picture of  Cookie Monster.  Hopefully Mason did not pick that one because he thought we could grow chocolate chip cookies.

This evening after dinner we went outside to plant the seeds.  The instructions called for 4 cups of warm water to be poured over the dirt/nutrient discs. After the dirt expanded you were supposed to put the dirt in the pot, add three seeds, cover and wait.  It sounded easy enough to me.

I added the water and the disc expanded into little columns that smelled like a sewer plant.  Mason of course plowed fist first into the brown ooze. I kept his hands out of his mouth while Julia crawled around and ate leaves.  The “soil” turned out to be soupy mud and was no enough to fill the six pots.  While I got some potting soil from the shed to finish the planting Mason took the extra seeds and flung them around the yard.  I am not very confident that the seeds will grow in the brown ooze, but at least Mason had fun.

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