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Coffee Can’t Fly

March 16, 2011

While Mason and Jules watched a few minutes of Elmo I threw on my clothes, poured my coffee and made sure I had wiped all the shaving cream from my face.  Despite getting up late the kids were clean, clothed and ready to go out the door on time. 

Clicking off the television I told Mason it was time to go to Ms. Cherries as I picked up Jules and made my way towards the door.  He shot out and ran down the stairs to the car while I balanced my coffee on my leg and closed the door. 

I put Mason into his car seat and put Jules in her base.  Jumping into the front seat I started the car up and sped down Mulberry Street at an acceptable yet safe pace.  After coming to a complete stop at the Seminole intersection I turned left. 

It sound like a rock was rolling around on my roof and then I heard a distinct metal clang.  Slowing down I looked out my window and saw my coffee cup rolling on the ground.  I ran out and picked it up.  Thankfully there was still coffee in the mug and I sipped on it as we made our way to daycare. 

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