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Hunting Gobblers With Kirk in Lamont

March 26, 2011

I met Kirk in Lamont a little after 6:30 a.m.  We drive through the gate and I loaded my things into his truck.  He wanted to hunt an area at the back of his property.  It was a short drive through a field.  While Kirk got his decoys ready I loaded my Remington and made sure I had my owl call, slate and striker. 

We walked down a cut in the woods.  It was dark and the moon shone down through the trees lighting up patches of the ground.  We set the decoys up and made our way to a large tree.  Kirk sat on one side and I was on the other. 

The tree was an old oak and the bottom created a natural seat. I sat and listened to a Whip-poor-will.  A few moments later an owl hooted.  Dogs barked in the distance.  As day break approached I hit the owl call.  Three gobblers responded but they were all a good distance away. 

It started to get light.  The area we were sitting in was a mix of old trees and young ones.  Instead of being full of the bramble that is common in a lot of North Florida woods ferns covered the ground.  It was a pretty area.  I started with the slate a little after 7 a.m.  I must have been doing right because the turkeys responded to my call.  They were still far away.  After 30 minutes Kirk wanted to try another spot.  We walked along a fence line and into a hammock.  I started calling and within a few minutes a hen called back. For the next 30 mins she would call, I would call back and she would get closer.  I heard crunching of leave behind me but could not get a look.  She never did get to a place where I could see her and then disappeared. 

We did not hear another bird the rest of the morning.  By 8:45 a.m. fog started rolling in and we decided to head home.  Even though we did not get a bird it was a good hunt.   

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