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A New Screen Door for Our Cottage

March 27, 2011

We bought a wooden screen door for the front of the house yesterday afternoon at Gulf Coast Lumber in Monticello.  Unexpetedly it was cheaper here than driving to Lowe’s up in Thomasville.  When I got it home I put it in the back of the kitchen with plans of putting it up later this week. 

That planned change this afternoon when Becky asked if I was going to put it up today.  Since it was supposed to rain I could not paint and decided I would give it a shot.  Nothing is square in our 84-year-old house and I expected the front door to be no exception.  When I held the screen door up an area on the bottom right needed to be planed. 

I borrowed one from my neighbor Mr. Wilder.  The plane was hand-held and looked very old.  However, it worked like a charm and I was able to get the excess wood off the door in no time. 

Once the door fit in the frame I attached the hinges, handle and got it put up.  I then attached the two hooks, attached the spring and then the eye-hook lock.  The only thing I have to do this week is paint/stain it.  The door looks good and makes out little cottage look very warm.  It really adds a lot and was a big change for a small price.

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