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MLB Extra Innings 2011

March 31, 2011

I am a Red Sox fan and Becky is a Braves fans.  Living in Florida, a mere 13 miles from the Georgia border, means our local teams are the Rays and the Marlins (who are 9 hours away).  The only positive in the past has been when the Braves play the Marlins we are able to watch them. However, we are subjected to their horrendous announcers and endless bad Maroone advertisements. 

A couple of years ago we switched from DishNetwork to DirecTV for one reason, they offered the Major League Baseball Extra Innings Package.  2009 was glorious as we watched the Braves, Red Sox and any other team’s games.  Baseball was constantly on when I was in the livingroom.  I’d start with the east coast games and as the hours wore on checked in on the games being played in Seattle, Oakland and San Diego.  Coincidentally I won my Fantasy Baseball league that year. 

2010 saw some cut backs as we welcomed our second baby.  We listened to some Braves games on the radio but the closest affiliate is out of Valdosta, Georgia and the signal usually was weak and hard to find.  I tried to fill the baseball void by watching the Rays.  They were entertaining and had a great year but I really missed being able to watch the Rem Dog on NESN talk about the Sox. 

This year I asked Becky if we could get the MLB package again and she said yes.  I ordered it and now we are guaranteed a full summer of Red Sox and Braves.  I am also looking forward to watching random games once the kids are in bed.  It is going to be a good season!

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