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Strong Storms and a Crowded Bed

April 5, 2011

While working I periodically checked the weather. A line of severe thunderstorms moved across the southeast towards Tallahassee. They were bringing high winds, heavy rains, possible tornadoes and were predicted to reach us early in the morning.  I was happy I was not going to have to drive home in them.  Before going to bed I checked the weather again,  the rain was still west of Monticello by a good bit.

At 3:00 a.m. the storms rolled in.  I was woken up by the thunder.  Mason was sleeping next to me and he woke up with a jolt.  Becky called from our bedroom to come in there with her.  By the second flash of lighting the I heard the air conditioning die as the power went out.  I picked up Mason and we crawled into bed with Becky.  Julia woke up a few minutes later and I grabbed her too.  Sadie was sleeping at the end of the bed in a ball and Jackson was trying to hide from the storm under the covers. The worst of the storm lasted about an hour.  The rain pounded the windows, the trees swayed under heavy winds and we all were snuggled in one bed.

When the rains died down I started to nod off.  Before I did I put Jules back in her bed and moved Mason to his.  Jackson was still freaked out and refused to budge.  The power did not come on until Becky was walking out the door.  I got up and took a look outside to see if any large limbs fell during the storm.  Amazingly, our yard was clear except for a few small branches.

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