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Dodging Blocks While Watching the Red Sox Lose

April 7, 2011

After Becky and Jules were in bed Mason and I stayed up for a couple of hours.  In addition to getting him some milk and a cookies that Molly promptly snatched from him we spent the evening watching the Red Sox lose (again), the Braves lose.  The Sox looked lost against the Cleveland pitching staff and now sit at 0-5.  As a former New Englander I imagine Red Sox Nation is in full panic mode, and I am sure Boston sports talk radio will not offer much positive reinforcement during the morning drive.

While I watched our teams lose Mason dug through his toy drawer and pulled out a bag of blocks.  His new game is to empty them on the couch and then make me sit there and build “towers” for him to knock over.  He gets a kick out of tossing a block at one of the wobbly structures and watching it tumble over.  He also insist that I sit like he does, which means I have to lean over with my face almost touching the cushion.  It’s a perfect level to catch a stray block in the eye.

After dodging several blocks headed for my head he wanted to play a new game.  I would stack a block, then he would stack a block and we went back and forth until they fell over.  He is pretty good at stacking them up and as we did I told him we needed to start with a good foundation so we could make our tower higher.  I remember my dad telling me the same thing when we would play with my Legos after he got home from work.  We made a couple of pretty decent towers before he hopped off the couch at 9:30 p.m., told me “night-night daddy!” and strolled into his bedroom.  We had a fun night and I love my little man.

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