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Minny the Manchester Terrier

April 11, 2011

On Sunday afternoon Becky noticed an old little dog wandering the street near our house.  When the dog came up to the gate she let it in.  I thought it was a Miniature Pinscher.  The little dog’s eyes looked like they had cataracts, it had grey fur around its mouth and looked like it needed to eat.  Becky got it some food and it quickly set to devouring the bowl. 

The little dog was very sweet and we could tell it belonged to someone.  After dinner I went around the neighborhood to see if anyone knew where the little dog lived.  No one had any idea.  That night Becky got the little pup a blanket and a towel.  It buried its head under the towel, curled up in a ball and went to sleep. 

Today I was home with the kids since Miss Cherrie was sick.  While they took a nap I called the Jefferson County Humane Society and Dr. Purvis’ office to see if anyone had reported a missing dog.  Tammy at Dr. Purvis’ said that some was looking for an old female Manchester Terrier.  I checked the little dog’s undercarriage and sure enough it was a little girl with a neutering tatoo. 

It turns out the little dog’s name is Minny. She is 15 years old, deaf and partially blind.  Her owners breed and rescue Manchester Terriers and they have had Minny for about a month.  They got her from a rescue and she came from a place where she was not being fed.  Apparently she got out with some of their younger dogs and made a 5 mile trek to our house.  When Minny’s people came to pick her up she got into their arms and wagged her tail happily.  I was happy that I found her owners and it was a very good ending to the story.

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