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5 Puzzle Pieces and a Toothbrush

April 12, 2011

Every morning on the way out the door Mason grabs something to take to Ms. Cherrie’s house.  Sometimes it is a couple of his cars, a baby or Julia’s stuffed animal. This morning he was on the porch waiting for me when I carried Jules our the door.  His arms were at his chest and he was holding some “treasures” to take to day care.

“Do you need help getting those to the car?”


“Do you want to put them in my pocket so I can carry them for you?”


He promptly deposited 5 puzzle pieces, his toothbrush and a large ball of lint into my pocket.  When he got into his seat he found one of his cars.  I thought he was going to asks for the items in my pocket when we got to Ms. Cherrie’s house but he was more concered with eating some oranges she cut up for him.  Instead, the “treasures” spent their day on the table near my desk and made me smile whenever I looked at them.

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  1. charlotte permalink
    April 12, 2011 10:44 pm

    So sweet walker always grabs a toy coming to my house and then going home .bless the babies

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