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Better Than a Tall Glass of Water

April 18, 2011

Last summer when Mason started to toddle around the yard I taught him a very important man lesson, how to drink out of the garden hose.  He picked it up in a snap and now he knows where to get a drink on a hot summer’s day without having to walk all the way into the house. 

Playing with the water hose also became one of his favorite things to do in the yard.  Yesterday afternoon after playing in his pool, eating a popsicle and getting changed into dry clothes he barreled out the front door and around the back.  I chased him and caught up with him near the spigot. 

“Daddy on!” he exclaimed pointing at the handle. 

I turned it on and shot a thin stream of water into the air.  He bent out and I lowered the pressure so he could get a drink.  After filling his belly with water he stood up and touched his hand to his chest. 

“Do you want me to spray you with water little man?” I asked.

“Yeah!” he replied with a large smile on his face. 

I shot the water into the air, onto his head and all around the back yard.  He squealed with delight and soon he was sopping wet.  His diaper hung heavy and he worked it free.  Tired of playing in the water our naked baby ran toward the front porch where Becky was reading laughing as I chased after him.

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