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Picking Apples in the Bathtub

April 19, 2011

Julia had already been plucked from the water and was being laid down for the night.  Mason was sitting in the bathtub this evening.  He had been scrubbed and his hair was washed. The bubbles were losing their shape and slowly retreating into the water. 

“It’s heavy daddy!” he said as he looked up at the ceiling and reached up with one hand.

“What’s heavy?”

“The apple daddy.” he replied as he continued to reach for the invisible fruit. 

I reached up and plucked an apple from the tree and handed it to him.  He took it from my hand, looked at it and took a bite.

“Mmmmm!” he held out the apple to me and I took a bite too. It was delicious.

We continued to pick apples a few more minutes.  Despite them being very heavy Mason was able to get a few of his own off the tree.  Becky also came into the bathroom before we were done picking and got a few of her own.  I am very happy our little man has a good imagination.

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