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Drink Local Beer: Bold City Brewery

May 4, 2011

Bold City Brewery is located on Rosselle Street (past an elementary school and before you hit a set of railroad tracks) in a nondescript white metal building.  When I pulled into the lot the door to the tasting room was locked.  I talked to a guy moving a pallet of empty kegs and he came around to let me in.

Entering the dimly lit room I walked toward the back.  I had called ahead to see if I could purchase a growler and the lady I spoke to on the phone said that was fine.  She asked if I was the person who called and as we made small talk she poured me a tasting of 6 beer samples. 

There was a cream ale, brown ale, hefeweizen, two IPAs,and a red ale. They were all very good.  I decided to grab a growler (1 gallon glass bottle) of their Mad Manatee IPA.  It is an American IPA that is reddish amber in color with a blast of citrus tasting hops.  It rocks.

The tasting was an unexpected surprise and made my day! I anticipated I would have to pick my beer for the growler without sampling since the tasting room was officially closed.  The staff at Bold City Brewery was very friendly and I was even able to chat with the brewer/owner (he was a very cool guy).  I am happy I know where the brewery is located and look forward to stopping by again on my next trip to Jacksonville. 

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