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A Badly Needed Bathroom Renovation

May 5, 2011

The front bathroom floor of our 84-year-old cottage was rotted.  We discovered the situation shortly after having the air conditioning ducts moved from under the floors to the ceiling.  Apparently the duct located in this portion of the house was supporting the floor and once it was removed the situation became dicey. 

Over the subsequent months the floor became less stable until we could no longer put off having it repaired.  Although I had become adept at avoiding the “problem areas” Becky was petrified that one of the kids would fall through into the underworld of the crawl space.

We got a couple of estimates in late March.  Our plan was to get the old linoleum floor ripped out and replaced with tile that had a cottage feel to it.  We also planned to replace the toilet and vanity since both were dated and scratched.  

This week the contractor was able to work us into his schedule.  When I got home yesterday afternoon I opened the door to the bathroom and discovered he left the old floor exposed.  The boards were brittle, rotted and certain areas were held up only by the vinyl flooring.  I was amazed that it had not collapsed in on itself. 

With the old floor removed our contractor set to tearing out the old floor, installing plywood and then overlaying it with hardiebacker board.  This formed a very solid foundation for the tile which he was able to lay down before Becky and I got home. 

The difference between the old floor and the new one is stunning.  The new one is much more solid and the tile compliments the house.  The old linoleum even when it wasn’t a safety hazard was ugly and stained.  All that remains is to grout the tile, set the toilet, install the vanity, hang the mirror and replace the light fixture.  I am very excited to see how it all turns out!

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