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A Visit from Nana and Nanu

May 6, 2011

Nana and Nanu, my mom and dad, arrived yesterday from New Hampshire for a visit.  They came down to see the kids and attend Julia’s birthday party on Saturday.  We had invited them down for her birth but they had been unable to attend for various reasons.  As a result, it marked the first time they’d ever met Miss Julia and only the second time they’d seen Mason since he was born in January of 2009. 

We grilled out yesterday and they spent time with the kids.  This morning I needed to go shopping for Jule’s birthday party so we loaded into the car and headed to Thomasville.  Before getting groceries we stopped in at Chik-fil-A for lunch.  It was fun watching my mom feed Jules pieces of chicken as she clamoured for more. After finishing his lunch Mason was all about the play ground and my dad looked on as he climbed up into the top of the jungle gym.

Shopping was a snap and when we got back home we decided to hang out.  I put up the grocery while Mason took my parents outside to blow bubbles. They tried to figure out how to work his new bubble wand and ended up using the little bottles we kept in his bedroom.  He had a lot of fun. 

Instead of going out to dinner we decided to hang around and grill on the freshly pressure washed patio.  While my dad and I made numerous trips to Winn Dixie (food and propane) my mom helped keep an eye on the kids.  The night was laid back.  I am happy that my parents finally came down to see the kids and hope that despite not always seeing eye to eye on all things, they can get to know them better in the coming years. 

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