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An Unplanned Trip to Jacksonville

May 14, 2011

It was overcast this morning and the forecast called for rain all day. I poked around the house chasing after the kids, made some breakfast and had a cup of coffee.  While standing at the counter Becky got a phone call.  Uncle Mike was in the hospital in Jacksonville. 

She called Charlotte to watch the kids and when she arrived we got in the car to make the trek to Baptist Hospital.  I-10 was soaked with rain and over the course of the 160 miles drive we hit many heavy downpours.  The worst was when the sky and the road were the same color and I could not see the tail lights in front of me.  I will take driving in snow over driving in a torrential downpour any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

We arrived at the hospital and after parking made our way to see Uncle Mike.  He was on the 6th floor.  Becky walked in first and he was awake.  He told her he hadn’t wanted any company but was very happy to see her.  Becky brought him a new set of pajamas and some socks. 

We spent the afternoon with him and talked to his doctor about what was going on.  We stayed until Uncle Gerry arrived at 5:00 p.m., grabbed some dinner and made our way home.  It was a long day full of driving in the rain but I am glad we made the trip.  

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