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Sharing a Glass of Lemonade

May 17, 2011

As a byproduct of making limoncello I had 8 lemons I had to do something with and decided to make real lemonade.  I made a simple syrup, added 6 cups of water and the lemon juice.  Served over ice it was very refreshing. 

This evening Mason wanted me to come outside and play with him.  I set my lemonade on the shelf between the living room and dining room and walked towards the door.  Mason pointed at the lemonade.

“No daddy! Outside!”

I grabbed the lemonade and followed him onto the front lawn.  He patted on the ground.

“Sit down daddy!”

I sat and he reached out his hands for the lemonade.  I handed it to him and he took a gulp.


He handed it back to me and pushed the glass towards my lips. A sip for him, then a sip for me, then a sip for him.  We drank the entire glass this way and then moved onto the ice.  When the glass was empty I put it on the stairs and then chased after Mason as he scooted around the back of the house on a sugar high. 

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