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Dancing With Mr. Darcy

May 19, 2011

Julia was in bed and I planned to watch the Bruins.  My plans changed when Mason waltzed into the livingroom.


“You want momma to watch Darcy with you?” Becky said.

“No! Daddy!”

“Unghhh. Seriously? How about hockey? The Bruins? It’s the playoffs.”

“No! Darcy. C’mon daddy.” he said as he grabbed my finger and led me away.

I tossed him onto the bed and popped in Becky’s Pride and Prejudice DVD.  He snuggled up and watched Jane Austin’s characters come to live courtesy of A&E. When the first ball scene started Mason popped up and grabbed one finger on each of my hand. He swayed to the music.

“Dance daddy!”

My moves are fairly limited and even more so when I am sitting in bed with music from the 1800s playing.  Once the “dance” was over he left go of my fingers and clapped, mimicking the characters.  He did this several more times until the scene was over and Mrs. Bennett was complaining about Mr. Darcy’s demeanor.  He then grabbed his baby and ran into his room ready for bed.

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