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Official Drink of the Preakness: The Black-Eyed Susan

May 20, 2011

The Kentucky Derby is an event.  People have derby parties where ladies wear hats and everyone sips the event’s signature drink the mint julep. Muddle some sugar, a little water, a few sprigs of mint, add some crushed ice and fill to the brim with bourbon.  A simple and classic cocktail.

This weekend is the Preakness. The second jewel in the Triple Crown will be run at Pimlico in Baltimore, Maryland.  This race does not generate the same feeling as the Derby and it is reinforced by their new mascot, Kegasus. Regardless, when I think of Maryland the first thing that comes to mind is crab cakes followed by crushing taxes and Edgar Allen Poe. 

Curious to see if the Preakness had an official cocktail I did a little digging around.  I learned it was called the Black-Eyed Susan (makes sense) and there were many variations of the drink.  Some included rum, others bourbon and vodka.  I decided to see what the official site of the Preakness had to say on the matter and discovered the following recipe:

Black-Eyed Susan
– 3/4 oz vodka*
– 1 1/4 oz bourbon*
– 3 oz sweet and sour mix
– 1 oz orange juice
– Garnish with an orange, cherry and a stirrer

 The above recipe was mixed and served over crushed ice in a large tumbler.  Becky’s mom was over for dinner and she agreed to be my guinea pig.  We sampled them on the front porch and both agreed it was pretty good.  It tasted like a whiskey sour with a kick,  and someday I would love to enjoy one at its home in Baltimore while watching the race. 

*I used Svedka vodka and Wild Turkey 101 bourbon

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