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Runaway Ring Bearer

May 21, 2011

Mason was recruited to serve as the ring bearer in Becky’s cousin’s wedding. After getting him into his outfit we headed towards the park where the ceremony was going to be held.  The bride was running late and Mason soon lost interest in sitting on a bench and waiting for things to start.

Dustin’s two daughters, Serenity and Emily were the flower girls.  Mason decided it would be fun to play with them.  The game he came up with consisted of tossing sticks and dirt on their dresses.  Serenity and Emily did not appreciate this game and retreated to their mom for protection.

Once things got underway I was not confident Mason would carry the pillow down the aisle.  To give the little guy a chance I pulled him aside for a little talk. 

“Are you ready buddy?”

“No daddy.”

“Can you carry the pillow?”

“No daddy.”

“If you carry the pillow all the way to momma she’ll give you some M&Ms.  Deal?”

“Okay daddy.”

He promptly dropped the pillow and snatched Serenity’s flower girl basket.  A large pile of petals fell out as he took off running. 

“He took my basket!” Serenity told her mom with a sad look on her face.

People in attendance chuckled as Becky shooed him back down the aisle.  He came all the way back and decided to give Serenity her basket.  He then held hands with the girls and made his way towards the front. 

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