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An Evening at Avenue Eat & Drink

May 22, 2011

Tonight I had a great evening with other social media foodies at Avenue Eat & Drink.  When I arrived I was greeted at the door by the restaurant’s manager and the owner.  They offered me a glass of champagne which I gladly accepted.  While waiting for the others to arrive I chatted with the bartender who filled me in on the history of the building and the restaurant.  I also was able to meet the person who invited me to the event, J.C. Milam.  We talked about the Tallahassee restaurant scene, my blog and what the plan for the evening.

When it came time for dinner I sat down at a table with Stephanie Smith, Elizabeth Mack,  and Peggy Brady.  From a round card in front of me I learned Stephanie works for AT&T, Elizabeth for the Tallahassee Democrat and Peggy at the Council on Culture and Arts.  They were all wonderful people and over the course of the evening I had a blast sharing a meal with them.

J.C. then introduced the rests of the guest and explained why we were asked to attend.  When he called my name and said I was the preeminent food blogger in the Tallahassee area I was flattered.  Also in attendance was the beer and wine writer for the Tallahassee Democrat, the top micro-blogger in the area, a social media power user and the managers of Hotel Duval.

While we sampled some great food, drank some good wine we discussed the uses of social media and how it could help grow Avenue Eat & Drink and each of our social media presences.  J.C. was an energetic M.C. who also discussed the use of social coupons, the Avenue Eat & Drink brand and focusing locally.  We also got a chance to meet the chef, Mr. Greg Brown, who prepared the delicious food.

As the night wound down owner Chris Clark thanked us all for coming.  I said goodbye to my fellow diners (many who I added on Twitter) and walked back to my car.  It had been a very interesting experience and I am also looking forward to see how those in attendance can work together to expand our impact using social media.

One last thing, I have to lay out the menu we were served.  The food was delicious and  I am looking forward to bringing Becky to the restaurant on date night.

Menu for an Evening at Avenue Eat & Drink

Course #1
– Tuna Tartar & Pan Seared Scallops

Course #2
– Heirloom Tomato with Burrata Mozzarella & Mint Lobster Salad

Course #3
– Braveheart Prime Angus Steakburger & Boneless Short Ribs

Course #4
– Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pie & Bourbon Banana Pudding

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