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Assembling Miss Julia’s Wagon with Mason’s Help

May 23, 2011

Julia got a wagon for her birthday from Granddaddy Mitch.  Since bringing it into the house its sat in the back of the kitchen in a box.  While it has stood like a sentry in the corner Sadie has enjoyed using it as a perch to stalk lizards.  However, tonight when I got home from work I noticed Mason eyeing the wagon.

“Do you want to help daddy put the wagon together little buddy?”


“Okay, let’s go out to the shed and get some tools.”

He followed me to the shed where we grabbed a hammer and a screwdriver.  I spread the directions out on the table and we started putting the wagon together.  Mason watched me as I slid the wheels on.

“Do you want to help me put the hub caps on?

“Yeah daddy!”

I held the hammer and he put his little hand on top of mine to help.  In no time we had the four wheels on and had attached the seat belts to the inside.  The last part we had to attach was the handle.  The rod that went through the handle was slightly bent and I had trouble getting it to go in one side and out the other.  I started tapping it with a hammer and Mason peered in for a closer look.  He grabbed the screwdriver and started hitting the other side. 

“Hmmmmmm!” he said as he peered at the handle.

“We’ve almost got it buddy!”

Sure enough, the rod came out the other end and we attached the two bolts.  The wagon was finished and I could not have done it without him. Mason hopped in for a ride and  I pulled him and Ms. Julia up to the courthouse.  They enjoyed the ride and I am happy we now have something we can fit both of them in!

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  1. Cynthia Leonard permalink
    May 26, 2011 7:15 am

    I wish all fathers brought their sons up like that. What an adorable story. He is so precious. I wish I could hug him. You are a great Dad Michael. Very proud of you.

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