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The Slow Leak is Fixed

May 29, 2011

Our brand new toilet was installed in early May and ever since that day it has been saddled with a slow leak.  I contacted Kohler and they sent me a new seal for the flush valve.  I installed it and after 20 minutes of thinking I solved the problem heard the fill valve click on.

A few days after the first attempt to fix the leak failed a second box arrived containing a new flush valve.  This morning while Julia slept and Becky saw a movie with her mom I set about fixing our toilet.  Mason was in tow as we got some tool, drained the tank and sopped out the remaining water with a towel.  He wanted to help and I gave him some little wrenches to keep him entertained.

After the tank was dry I disconnected the water line and then unbolted the tank from the rest of the toilet.  After that the old flush valve was removed, the new one was installed and the tank was reattached.  I turned on the water when I was done and waited.  I did not hear a slow leak and was happy that the new valve had corrected the problem.

My happiness lasted until I went to lay Mason down for a nap and heard the toilet filling up.  There was no reason the new flush valve should be leaking unless I failed to tighten it properly.  Once Mason was asleep I took the toilet apart again and tightened the nut that secures the flush valve.

It has been 12 hours since I completed the repair and I have not heard the water turn on.  I think that the issue has been solved and am very happy Kohler was so good about shipping me parts to help me out.  Their customer service was great and despite the minor issue we had, I am impressed with their product.

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