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Camping Out with Mason

May 30, 2011

We bought Mason a tent and sleeping bag for his 2nd birthday.  Both have sat under the bed until last night when Becky urged me to camp out with Mason.  Originally I planned to set it up in the living room. However, after unrolling the tent and seeing how large it was I took it out to the front yard.

Becky held the flashlight while I inserted the poles and got the little 2 man tent together.  Since it was a very warm night out and there was no chance of rain I decided to leave the rain dome off.  The tent was set up in about 10 minutes and I went inside to get some pillows and blankets.

Mason and I climbed into the tent and zipped it shut.  He was walking around the tent looking up at the stars.  Becky shut the front porch light off a few minutes later and Mason was not happy.

“It’s okay buddy! Look at the stars!”

“No daddy. It’s dark and scary.”

Something scrapped at the front of the tent and I unzipped the door to see Molly shaking her tail.  She hopped into the tent and curled up on my blanket.  I tried to get Mason to calm down and go to sleep but it was a losing battle.  After 30 minutes of camping he ran into the house and climbed into bed with momma.

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  1. charlotte permalink
    June 3, 2011 10:43 pm

    Smart boy .

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