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Mason’s First Day of Big Boy School

June 1, 2011

Today was Mason’s first day of Big Boy School.  For the past week each time we passed his soon to be new school I’d ask him if he was ready to go.

“Sure daddy!” he would reply.

He woke up early and watched Ernie and Elmo while I got his sister up, bathed, dressed and secured into her bucket.  I grabbed the clothes Becky had picked out and got him dressed.  Since it was his first day I lead him into the bathroom so I could fix his hair.  He squirmed while I wet and burshed it but he looked cute.

Before we left I had him stand on the porch so I could take some pictures of him.  Miss Julia sat beside me babbling and snacking on a bottle.  I raised the camera up to take a picture.

“Cheese daddy!”

Click, click, click.  He was pretty good as I took several shots of him with his book bag.  My favorite was of him walking towards the car with his brand new super cool Cars crayon box.

The drive to his new school was short.  I unloaded him along with his wild animal nap mat, diapers, wipes and backpack.  It was a balacing act to get to the door.  He knew something was up and started crying.

“It’s okay buddy! You’re going to have fun!”

(Inconsolable crying)

“Awww Mason, don’t worry. Look it’s T.J.!

(Inconsolable crying and screaming)

At this point I decided it was best to retreat.  I heard him crying asking for momma and daddy.  I was excited that he was going to be with kids his own age and start learning new things, but I was sad he was so stressed out.

Thankfully during the day his teacher Miss Melodie sent me several pictures of the little man.  He had a smile on his face and was playing outside.  His first day was a good one. I know that in a couple of weeks the tears will be behind him and he’ll be running inside to see his friends.

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