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Passing A Fever Among the Family

June 3, 2011

Mason started feeling crummy on Memorial Day and by the end of the day was running a fever.  He missed his last day of day care with Miss Cherrie (and his baskets of goodies) and instead spent the day with me.  We watched movies, snuggled on the couch and ate a popsicle while I kept him on a steady regiment of Motrin and Tylenol.  By the end of the day his fever had broken and he was feeling better.

On Wednesday I started to feel under the weather.  My glands were swollen and I slept with two blankets on me.  I woke up freezing but covered in sweat.  I had a fever and took some medicine.  For the next couple of days I felt lousy but was able to function by taking aspirin and drinking coffee.

Tonight I was holding Julia in my arms getting ready for bed and she felt warm.  We are supposed to be heading to Fernandina Beach tomorrow morning for Aunt Glade’s birthday party.  If she wakes up with a fever that will make three of us who have gotten sick and it will only be a matter of time before Becky gets it too. Depressing.

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