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They Still Sell This Stuff

June 5, 2011

I was walking through Publix looking for ingredients to make some pasta salad.  I grabbed a box of farfalle, and some olives to go with the tomatoes, onions, parsley and mozzarella cheese I had at the house.

The last thing I needed was something to dress the pasta salad with.  I am firmly in the salad dressing camp on pasta salad as opposed to mayonnaise.  I figured I would grab a bottle of whatever was on sale until I saw a package of Good Seasonings.  Sure enough, sitting next to the packages was a box with a new sleek carafe and 2 packages of seasoning.

I remembered my Nana making it in a cut glass carafe when I was small.  It was in her old kitchen on Franklin Street in Salem, NH.  The salad was lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.  They moved away when I was 5 and I am amazed I remember eating that in her kitchen.

I dropped it into my cart and headed to check out.  When I got home I followed the instructions.  The dressing consisted mainly of vinegar and olive oil and I liked being able to use my own ingredients.  I shook it up and tasted it.  Not too bad for dressing out of the bottle and the memories it brought back were worth the $2.89 I spent.

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