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Garden Update: Week 1

June 6, 2011

Once the plants were in the ground I gave them a good watering.  I thought I gave them a long enough drink but noticed by Tuesday afternoon they were wilting considerably.  Temperatures were in the 90s and I knew unless I did something I was going to lose my vegetables.

I made the short drive over to Gulf Coast Lumber and purchased a soaker hose for $15.  I snaked it between my plants, turned it on and set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes.  By the next morning the plants were upright and looked much healthier.  I have been giving them a 30 minute soak each morning and a 20 minute one in the evening if the day was hot and dry.

On Saturday the raised bed suffered its first death, a watermelon plant.  I came out and it was all shriveled up.  I am not sure what happened because I have been watering it regularly.  On a more positive note, my eggplants are starting to flower.  They are purple with yellow centers.  I never knew what an eggplant flower looked like and they are beautiful.

Yesterday was the first day we got rain all week long.  It came down hard for a period of time and the young plants bore it well.  This morning when I took a look and the grass around the house had changed from brown to green.  The squash plants also looked like they grew during the night.  Overall the plants look like they are doing well and I hope that it cools off a little next week.

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