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Just Like the Beach Only Closer

June 11, 2011

Our two little fishies

After making pancakes and doing some grocery shopping Mason and Jules were ready to hit our backyard beach.  Charlotte popped Jules in her little ruffled bathing suit while I got Mason ready.  Unlike last time I made sure one of Mason’s legs made it through each hole in the netting of his bathing suit.  Once the kids were dressed we were good to go.

I filled the pool while Mason and Jules swung on their play set.  The dogs ran around the yard and Charlotte watched them while I ran inside and made us a couple of cocktails.  Once the pool was full I asked Mason if he wanted to hop in.

“No, push me higher!”

I obliged while Jules swung like a pendulum in her bucket.  Eventually I informed him that she wanted to go swimming.  As soon as I lifted her out he wanted to follow her into the pool.  They splashed around eating popsicles and played with one another.  I love seeing them together.

Mason eventually tired of the water and hopped into his sandbox.  Miss Julia followed him and promptly had a shovelful of sand dumped over her head.  She blinked and let of her distinct laugh.  She then threw sand back at her big brother.  She has spunk.

We were outside in the yard for 2 1/2 hours.  By the time we made it back inside to give the kids a bath they were both exhausted.  Julia took a nap while Mason snuggled up on the couch to watch Ernie and Elmo and promptly fell asleep.

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