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Garden Update: Week 2

June 13, 2011

The state of our garden is strong.  The 4 x 4 in the backyard is doing very well.  The basil is growing into nice little bushes.  I cut some off today to give to my friend Joe and he kept it on his desk all day due the wonderful smell.  The eggplant flower I photographed last week is now turning into a tiny baby eggplant.  The other two Ichiban eggplants are also flowering and the white eggplant is on the verge of blooming.

The two pepper plants are loaded with buds.  I checked them this evening and the little white flowers look like they are going to burst open at any moment.  The two zucchini plants have quadrupled in size since I planted them.  They are also loaded with buds.

The last two items in the 4 x 4 are our okra and watermelon plant.  The 4 okra plants are growing well and like the others in the bed are loaded with little buds.  The watermelon plants also sprouted new leaves and is doing well.  It is going to take the longest to mature (90 days) so we still have about 10 weeks until we can expect to pick our first melon.

The front “throw away” bed is also doing well.  The okra plants attracted grasshoppers who have been eating their leaves.  When I water them I pick off the grasshoppers and turn them into fertilizer.  Each day there are fewer grasshoppers.  The zucchini loves this location and is growing well.  It has more room than in the back and the flowers are getting ready to bloom.  The watermelon here is also doing well.  My two tomato plants are also loaded with flowers and a bunch of little green maters.  I expect them to ripen in the next week or two.

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