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Short Changed on the Florida Turnpike

June 16, 2011

I had to attend a hearing in Sanford, Florida this afternoon.  Before I left my house I made sure I had cash for the tolls.  As I approached the first one outside of Orlando I pulled into the cash lane, handed the attendant a $10 bill, grabbed the receipt, my change and drove off.

Nearing the second toll I looked down to grab another dollar.  Instead of $7.50 sitting on the seat there was only $2.50.  The toll booth attendant had short changed me $5 and I had been in such a hurry to drive off I had not checked my change.

As my funds began to dwindle I asked the attendant how many more tolls were left before my destination.  She told me there were 2 and I needed another $2.50.  Realizing I was not going to make it I asked directions to the nearest ATM.  When I found it I grabbed some additional cash and was hit with a $5 ATM fee.  I was not happy.

By the time I got to Sanford I was happy to be done with the Florida Turnpike.  When my hearing was over I decided to drive home by going through Jacksonville.  The distance was about the same and I was able to avoid any further tolls.

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