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Homemade Cookies from Mason

June 17, 2011

I got home this evening and was met by Mason.  He ran to meet me in the front yard.

“My daddys home! My daddys home!”

I grabbed him and gave him a big hug.  Becky told me he had been waiting all afternoon for me to get home so he could give me my Father’s Day present.  She went inside and brought out a paper bag and my gift.

My gift was a paper plate with a little pocket glued to it.  Written on the pocket it said “Dad’s Stuff.” A piece of green string was tied to the back so it could be hung.  Mason decorated it with some crayons.  I loved it.

Next up was the brown bag.  I opened it up and inside were several cookies.

“Did you make these yourself?”

“Yah daddy!” he said as he grabbed one and made me take a bite.

Mason and I sat there on the front walk, eating cooking and playing with chalk while Miss Julia did her own thing and Becky took some pictures.  It was a very good start to my 2nd Father’s Day.

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