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Old Friends and A Night Out

June 18, 2011

This morning we met our friends Brent and Kelly in Tallahassee for lunch.  We went to law school with Brent and Becky worked with Kelly.  Following graduation they moved down to Orlando but once a year we try and meet up.  We had lunch at Tijuana Flats and while the kids ate we caught up.  It was great seeing them and I wished they lived closer!

After we said goodbye to Brent, Kelly and we ran some errands and then headed home.  Miranda and her mom were coming over to babysit the kids while Becky and I went out to dinner.  They arrived a little after 5:30 and after chatting for a few minutes we headed up U.S. 19.

Our destination was Liam’s in Thomasville to celebrate our 7th Anniversary.  We had several cheeses, blue crab soup, a selection of charcuterie and a salad.  Becky had a glass or two of wine while I had a Southern Tier IPA and a Palm Amber.  We had a great time and enjoyed an amazing meal. Happy 7th Anniversary to us!

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