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Garden Update: Week 3

June 20, 2011

The zucchini plants in the 4 x 4 bed are flowering! The first one popped open this past weekend and this morning when I went to water I noticed two more beautiful large yellow flowers.  I though about plucking them off and frying them up but decided I wanted to wait until the squash arrived.  Plus two zucchini flowers would not make much of a meal.

The green peppers are also flowering.  The flowers are white and very delicate looking.  Based upon the number of flowers opening and about to open I am going to have a good number of peppers in a few weeks.

The Ichiban eggplant are also growing well.  I have 4 small eggplant with the largest about 4 inches long and the plants are sprouting more flowers.  The Gretel white eggplant have also flowered and beginning to produce small fruits.  I am still waiting for the okra and watermelon to flower.

Out front 3 of the 4 okra plants are growing well.  The one closest to the steps is considerably small than its buddies and I think its because it get the least amount of sun during the day.  The two zucchini plants seem to grow more each night although neither has flowered.  The watermelon is also about as large as the one out back.  I think it ones of the prettiest plants in the garden with its stylized leaves, vines and zig-zagging stems.

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